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Monday,21 January,2013

09:50 AM EST - Silver Predator Corp. : announced results from the 2012 detailed mapping and soil sampling program near the Company's Taylor silver project, located in White Pine County, Nevada. The 1,166 sample soil program followed an extensive six months of mapping to produce soil results that include 1.7 g/t gold and 58.0 g/t silver. The results include the following: Five samples assaying over one grams per ton (g/t) gold (Au), including values of 1.3, 1.5 and 1.7 g/t Au; 126 samples (11%) assaying greater than 0.2 g/t Au; 224 samples (19%) assaying greater than 0.1 g/t Au; and the 1.3 g/t soil sample was located approximately 15 feet from a small outcrop of Pilot Shale that was weakly silica altered, but assayed 5 g/t Au and 12 g/t Ag; the only rock sample taken in this program. Silver Predator Corp. shares (T.SPD ) are trading unchanged at 0.15.

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