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Tuesday,08 November,2011

03:36 PM EST - Fairmont Resources Inc. : announced that Fugro Airborne Surveys has completed the airborne geophysical survey on the Marmion South Contact property. The Marmion property is an 8,208-hectare project and is located approximately 200 kilometres west of Thunder Bay, Ontario and borders Osisko Mining Corp's Hammond Reef Gold Project (10.5-million-ounce gold resource in the inferred category. The 2011 fieldwork consisted of mapping and prospecting, as well as the collection of grab, channel and soil samples. In total: 197 grab samples, 185 channel samples, and 208 soil samples were collected from 10 different areas. Fairmont is currently awaiting the interpretation of the Marmion Airborne Survey data and will announce an exploration program upon completion of interpretation. Fairmont Resources Inc. shares (V.FMR) are trading down $0.01 at 0.16.

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