CleanSpark, Inc.

11:29 AM EST - CleanSpark, Inc. : Announced that as of April 30, 2020, its revenues for the prior seven months were approximately $5.6 million which surpasses its revenues for the entire 2019 fiscal year of $4.5 million by 24%. CleanSpark's Chief Executive Officer, Zach Bradford, stated, "We have achieved significant progress even in the face of COVID-19. Our current fiscal year-to-date revenues through April 30, 2020 of approximately $5.6 million represent an increase of approximately 414% over the comparable year-to-date revenues in 2019. Our projections lead us to believe that we can maintain course and double our 2019 fiscal year revenues in 2020 and achieve our corporate goal of profitability by the end of this calendar year." CleanSpark, Inc. shares N.CLSK are trading up 77.21 percent at $2.41.