Facedrive Inc.

09:51 AM EST - Facedrive Inc. : Announced the release of a Privacy White Paper (the “White Paper”) for “TraceSCAN”, the COVID-19 contact tracing platform that intends to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while protecting users’ personal data and privacy. The White Paper outlines the comprehensive safeguards put in place in order to ensure user data privacy and security, such as limited collection of personal information restricted to phone number and mobile device model, robust encryption carried out both at rest and in transit, rotating temporary anonymous identifiers, etc. It further expands on data accuracy, openness, governance and accountability, and explains how the TraceSCAN privacy compliance framework is underpinned by The ten Fair Information Practice Principles (or FIPPs) set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The White Paper is publicly available and can be requested from the official TraceSCAN website at www.tracescan.ca. It continues to be a living document that may evolve over time. Facedrive Inc. shares V.FD are trading up $0.60 at $12.45.

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