Trillion Energy International Inc.

11:28 AM EST - Trillion Energy International Inc. : Reported that it expects to receive an independent report on its Prospective Gas resources on the SASB Gas Field in the Black Sea this month and that it has completed its preliminary costing estimates and timelines associated with developing the reserves on SASB as described in our News Release of June 23, 2020. The focus on re-development of SASB is to prioritize development based on the economics metrics of each of the four gas fields considering: cost, total expected ultimate recovery, risk, and proximity to existing infrastructure. A final decision on work program details and scope will occur after a report on the prospective resources is received, which is currently being prepared by GLJ Petroleum Consultants, which is expected during July 2020. Currently, the Company plans to conduct three rig-based workovers of existing wells tied into pipeline to return the wells into full production. Also, 4 undeveloped, proven discoveries previously drilled, but have yet to be tied into pipe and which have not yet been produced are targeted for production. Trillion Energy International Inc. shares C.TCF are trading off 6.25 percent at $0.08.