Canacol Energy Ltd.

09:51 AM EST - Canacol Energy Ltd. : Provided the following update on certain new and existing credit facilities. All amounts are in U.S. dollars. In December, 2018, the Corporation entered into a credit agreement for an amount of $30 million with Credit Suisse The 2018 Credit Facility was to mature in December, 2022, with equal quarterly installments starting June 30, 2020. The 2018 Credit Facility carried interest at a fixed rate of 6.875% per annum. In June, 2020, the Corporation re-profiled the 2018 Credit facility with the notable changes being an interest rate of LIBOR + 4.25% (with current LIBOR rates being approximately 0.30%), and an extension of the first amortization payment to now begin on December 31, 2021 and mature on June 30, 2023 (7 equal amortization payments). This 18-month extension adds approximately $16 million of additional liquidity to the Corporation through the end of 2021, based on principal repayments alone. No covenants were changed. Canacol Energy Ltd. shares T.CNE are trading up $0.09 at $3.60.