Hello Pal International Inc.

12:08 PM EST - Hello Pal International Inc. : Announced the highly accretive details of its recent acquisition of a fifty-one percent (51%) interest in Crypto Pal Technology Ltd. that closed on May 25, 2021. Hello Pal Founder and Chief Executive Officer, KL Wong states, "Our acquisition of Crypto Pal is the next step in bringing the world closer together and promoting social tolerance. Dogecoin, often referred to as "the people's coin", is being rapidly accepted and adopted internationally. We anticipate gains to our userbase and livestreaming services from the integration of Dogecoin." KL Wong further adds, " By acquiring Crypto Pal at a minimal price, we are able to focus our strong cash position to implement our vision for Hello Pal's suite of complementary apps as well as carry out strategic acquisitions." The recently acquired Crypto Pal currently has 12,500 mining rigs that are actively mining Dogecoin and Litecoin. Hello Pal International Inc. shares C.HP are trading up 5 cents at $1.25.

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