Hello Pal International Inc.

09:03 AM EST - Hello Pal International Inc. : Announced that it has purchased a further 170 L7 miners from the proceeds of the sale of its L3+ model, bringing the total number of L7s to 270 which includes the 100 Antminer L7s announced last month (see October 7 press release). The Company is in the process of acquiring more. The remaining Antminer L3+ miners, held by the Company's subsidiary (CPal Technology Limited) have been sold for a total consideration of USDT 3.75 million (approximately CAD 4.7 million ), which represents a 100% profit compared to the effective purchase price in June of this year. The sale of the L3+ miners and purchase of L7 miners effectively means that the Company's Litecoin/Dogecoin mining rigs have been completely upgraded to the latest Litecoin/Dogecoin miners to be released by Bitmain. Hello Pal International Inc. shares C.HP are trading unchanged at $0.85.

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