Nova Mentis Life Science Corp

12:30 PM EST - Nova Mentis Life Science Corp : Announced that enrollment in its North American autism study has been progressing swiftly. The Company is aiming to recruit at least 300 qualifying participants; 200+ ASD/FXS patients and 100+ neurotypical controls. NOVA's observational study will study the neuroinflammatory mRNA genetic profile contained within cheek cells and measure serotonin levels in patient saliva. The research objective is to develop a genetic neuroinflammatory and serotonin data bank that will help establish a "Diagnostic Index" – an objective set of tools that helps to differentiate subtypes of ASD and FXS, and to develop more accurate methods of diagnosis and treatment. Nova Mentis Life Science Corp shares C.NOVA are trading down 5.9% at $0.08.

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