Contakt World Technologies Corp.

01:23 PM EST - Contakt World Technologies Corp. : Announced the retention of biotech and pharmaceutical leader Sid Senroy as a member of its Board of Directors, as special advisor to Chief Visionary Officer ("CVO") Justin Beck, and as commercial advisor for international markets. The leading regulatory affairs and compliance firm owned by Mr. Senroy, RegDev, was also retained by Contakt World to develop supply chains for disease testing. Justin Beck, CVO and founder of Contakt World, commented, "we are humbled to have Mr. Senroy, an icon and visionary who has helped achieve regulatory approval for pharmaceuticals with more than $30B in annual sales, join us in several capacities. In addition to his service on our Board, I will work closely with Mr. Senroy to develop channels for our products and services, and toward innovation for Contakt World that solves challenges for humanity." Contakt World Technologies Corp. shares C.HELP are trading off 3 cents at $0.55.

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