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Ottawa Unveils ‘Code Of Conduct’ For A.I. Development

Canada’s federal government has released a “Code of Conduct” for the responsible development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies.

The federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development outlined the voluntary new guidelines, which aim to mitigate the potential risks posed by A.I.

The Code of Conduct, which the government said was effective immediately, identifies several measures that companies are encouraged to apply to their operations when developing A.I. applications.

Canada’s federal government introduced the “Artificial Intelligence and Data Act” (AIDA) in June 2022, but the proposed legislation aimed at regulating A.I. is still being reviewed in Parliament.

The voluntary Code of Conduct, which is not legally binding, focuses on six principles: accountability, safety, fairness, transparency, human oversight, and robustness.

Some of the measures included in the Code of Condict focus on risk management and the clear identification of A.I. content.

The government said some Canadian technology companies have already signed the Code of Conduct, including BlackBerry (BB) and OpenText (OTEX).