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Advancements in AI: These Companies are Building Computer Chips with Live Neurons

Companies, like VERSES AI Inc. (NEO: VERS) (OTCQB: VRSSF) are racing toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where AI can perform all human cognitive skills better than the smartest human, as noted by Forbes. According to DeepMind co-founder and author Mustafa Suleyman, as also noted by Forbes, “AI will achieve this human-level performance within the next three years.” Fueling excitement, VERSES AI just announced a partnership with Cortical Labs, a biological hardware startup that is seeking to revolutionize computing by fusing live neurons with silicon chips. All in an effort to have technology copy the brain, and create a new class of artificial intelligence that can solve some of the world’s greatest problems. Aside from VERSES AI Inc., the news is also positive for companies, such as Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META), and Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD).

VERSES Technologies Inc. (CBOE: VERS) (OTCQX: VRSSF) Stands to Benefit

VERSES AI Inc., a cognitive computing company specializing in biologically inspired distributed intelligence, today announced a partnership with Cortical Labs, a biological hardware startup that is seeking to revolutionize computing by fusing live neurons with silicon chips.

The partnership between VERSES and Cortical Labs marks an alignment of philosophies around the future of computing between software patterned after algorithms found in nature and hardware constructed from brain cells. Cortical Labs, recently backed by billionaire Li Ka Shing and In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), are the creators of DishBrain - a synthetic biological computer consisting of 800,000 neurons, grown in-vitro, capable of performing goal-directed tasks, such as playing the tennis-like computer game Pong.

“Cortical Labs’ research results show that active inference is a beneficial approach when teaching neurons grown in vitro to perform tasks and we are thrilled to announce that we plan to continue this research in partnership with Cortical Labs. The VERSES research team will be exploring the development of novel algorithms that leverage Cortical Labs’ synthetic biological intelligence systems with the aim of solving real-world problems. Over the years, GPU-based systems have continued to yield major breakthroughs and impressive results, but we believe that path is not sustainable. We seek to find not only new software but new hardware solutions that embody the efficiencies found in nature,” said VERSES CTO Jason Fox.

Some of Cortical Labs' work is based on the free energy principle, which was developed by VERSES Chief Scientist Karl Friston, whose impact on the understanding of how biological systems work has been linked to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

“Our research concludes that biological processes are more energy efficient than current GPU technologies and have a higher sample efficiency for training than current state-of-the-art reinforcement learning techniques. We hope this will result in greater accessibility to the technology regarding cost and, more importantly, a lower environmental footprint than traditional AI to make and operate. We are excited to form this partnership with VERSES and collaborate on innovative ways to advance our technologies,” said Hon Weng Chong, M.D. Founder and CEO, Cortical Labs.

Cortical Labs joins VERSES’ beta partnership program, which intends to feature ten partners across multiple industries and of various sizes and stages interested in using VERSES’ Genius™ platform to deploy smarter and safer intelligent software.

Other related developments from around the markets include:

Nvidia and Lenovo announced an expansion of their partnership with new, hybrid solutions and engineering collaboration that supports their shared vision to bring the power of generative AI to every enterprise. In close collaboration with NVIDIA, Lenovo will deliver fully integrated systems that bring AI-powered computing to everywhere data is created, from the edge to the cloud, helping businesses easily deploy tailored generative AI applications to drive innovation and transformation across any industry.

Microsoft and Submittable, a leading grants management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform announced a strategic partnership to collaborate and innovate together to enable Submittable to develop new solutions powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service, to provide public, private and nonprofit organizations with the solutions to accelerate social impact and better serve their communities. Among the first offerings to be rolled out by Submittable is a new-to-market set of tools to further the mission of AI for good and improve the application process for grant givers and seekers.

Meta Platforms reported financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2023. "We had a good quarter for our community and business," said Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder and CEO. "I'm proud of the work our teams have done to advance AI and mixed reality with the launch of Quest 3, Ray-Ban Metasmart glasses, and our AI studio."

Advanced Micro Devices introduced flagship laptop graphics processor AMD Radeon™ RX 7900M, the fastest AMD Radeon™ GPU ever developed for laptops.. Built on groundbreaking AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture, the new high-performance GPU brings incredible gaming and content creation performance to mobile systems, delivering 7% on average higher performance than the competitive offering in select games at QHD resolution. In addition, today Alienware announced the latest member of the Alienware m18 laptop family featuring the new AMD Radeon GPUs. Powered by AMD Ryzen™ 9 7945HX processors and AMD Radeon RX 7900M GPUs and leveraging advanced AMD smart technologies3, the Alienware m18 is the ultimate AMD Advantage™ laptop, offering astonishing performance to power the most demanding games and content creation applications.

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