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Watch Out For These Stocks Risking an Implosion

Novice investors who glance at the indices will have no reason to fear a market implosion or a sell-off. Yet pockets of weaknesses keep emerging.

A good example is solar energy stocks like SolarEdge (SEDG). It is still struggling to recover from yearly lows. After markets close on Wednesday, clean energy investors will scrutinize the sector closely. Any signs of weak data from Tesla’s (TSLA) earnings will create panic in the markets.

Traditional gas-powered automobile supplier Ford Motor (F) has one of the highest risks of a stock implosion. Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley led the $16 billion in EV investments. Skeptics are convinced that the bet will implode. Ford cut production of its F-150 Lightning while raising prices. The price hike will deter consumers from buying this EV, hurting revenue. As input costs rise, Ford’s losses will increase.

Tesla’s dominance in the EV will widen when it cuts prices further in 2024. Assuming its Cybertruck catches more media buzz, the hype will hurt Ford’s truck sales.

Japan’s Toyota Motor (TM) took a practical approach to the EV market. It built its hybrid market first and is carefully testing the EV space with the bZ4X. PHEVs, or plug-in hybrids, and HEVs, or hybrid electric vehicles, may resonate with consumers. That would hurt Ford even further.