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Abbott Positive on Product Launch

Abbott (NYSE: ABT) shares gained ground Wednesday, as the global leader in science-based nutrition announced today the launch of its new PROTALITY™ brand. The high-protein nutrition shake is the first product in this line to support the growing number of adults interested in pursuing weight loss while maintaining muscle mass and good nutrition.

Losing weight is a complex and personal process. Nearly half of U.S. adults attempted to lose weight in the past year. Whether pursuing weight loss by taking GLP-1 medications, undergoing a weight-loss surgery or following a calorie-restricted diet, people risk losing 11-50 percent muscle which plays an integral role in daily activities, movement and energy metabolism. Protein can help preserve muscle as people lose weight.

To preserve muscle mass during weight loss, research shows adults may need at least 50 percent more protein than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). High protein consumption can also support weight loss maintenance, reads this morning’s news release,

“There are more than 650 muscles in the human body,” the release continues. “Muscles help support daily activities, movement and energy metabolism. Protein is an important building block for muscles, as well as skin, tissue and bones, and plays a vital role in metabolism, satiety and weight maintenance.”

ABT shares added 46 cents to $113.94.