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Ontrak Launches New Engagement System

Ontrak Health (NASDAQ: OTRK) shares tumbled Thursday. The company, a leading AI-powered and tech-enabled behavioral healthcare company, today announced the launch of its Ontrak Advanced Engagement System. This system integrates Augmented Intelligence (AI) with an evidence-based clinical framework to deliver human-centered, personalized member engagement.

Built on a foundation of real-world AI application, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System enables member engagement at greater scale and with greater efficiency than ever before. The platform’s introduction marks a significant step forward in Ontrak’s commitment to technology-driven health solutions and builds on more than a decade of research and development.

Among other cutting-edge innovations, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement system employs a Risk-based analytics engine, which uses AI algorithms to identify members and prioritize outreach based on factors like risk, readiness, acuity, claims, prescriptions, and enrollment history. Our Risk-based analytics engine can find members with, for example, high-predicted probability of substance use disorder or depression, but no associated diagnosis in existing health records. This technology helps drive Ontrak’s impressive member outreach success of 54% across all lines of business, which Ontrak believes is more than double the industry standard.

Using natural-language processing, AI-Driven Coach Notes converts spoken interaction into text, allowing for more productive care sessions aligned with evidence-based practice fidelity. It also drives greater efficiency, creating up to 20% more time for Care Coaches to prepare for and focus on serving more members.

OTRK shares lost four cents, or 12.9%, to 28 cents.