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InMode, Driver Ink Deal

InMode Ltd. (NASDAQ: INMD) shares gave up ground Wednesday. The company, a leading global provider of innovative medical technologies, is the first aesthetic company to officially partner with P1 Offshore Racing and sponsor the only female driver, Victoria Rand, as part of Class 1. This partnership signifies a historic step forward in motor sports, and reflects InMode's unwavering dedication to championing and empowering women.

Victoria Rand, hailing from Denmark with a lineage deeply rooted in racing, brings an unparalleled passion for speed and competition in traditional motorsports. From her early days in the Junior Dragster class to achieving international acclaim in the Pro Modified Class, Victoria's journey is one of resilience and determination. Now, she sets her sights on conquering the waves, as she takes the helm of the Morpheus8 Offshore Race Team, powered by a 50 foot, 2,200-horsepower boat alongside world champion Johnny Tomlinson.

"At InMode, our technological advancements span over two decades and have continued to break boundaries in aesthetics, and in enabling women to live their most beautiful lives. We believe that when you look and feel your best, you are unstoppable. Victoria Rand and the Morpheus8 Offshore Race Team embody all of these values, aiming to break through boundaries is a true test of spirit and perseverance," says Chief Medical

Officer Spero Theodorou. "We are thrilled to support a female driver who is a trailblazer and inspiration for women everywhere."

INMD lost seven cents to $18.43.