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Microsoft’s Market Cap Hits $3 Trillion

For the first time ever, Microsoft’s (MSFT) market capitalization has reached $3 trillion U.S.

Microsoft has become only the second publicly traded company to achieve a $3 trillion U.S. market cap, joining Apple (AAPL) in the excusive club.

On Jan. 25, Microsoft closed the trading session with a market valuation of $3.009 trillion U.S., slightly ahead of Apple at $3.002 trillion U.S.

The latest milestone comes four years after Microsoft’s stock first reached the $1 trillion U.S. level in April 2019. Microsoft has been a publicly traded company since 1986.

The company’s market value reached $2 trillion U.S. in June 2021, and has now ascended to $3 trillion U.S.

Microsoft today has a higher market capitalization than the bottom 196 companies in the benchmark S&P 500 index combined.

The $3 trillion U.S. mark was reached as Microsoft’s stock has gained nearly 10% so far in 2024, bringing its 12-month increase to 63%. Microsoft’s share price is currently at $404.87 U.S.

The company’s stock has been rallying on investor enthusiasm for artificial intelligence (A.I.) of which it is a leader.