Job Vacancies In Canada Fell 4.8% In October

The number job vacancies in Canada fell by 4.8% in October, declining to their lowest level since August 2021.

Statistics Canada said the number of job vacancies fell by 44,300 positions to 871,300 in October.

The job vacancy rate measures the number of vacant positions as a proportion of total labour demand within Canada.

The month-over-month drop came as vacancies in the construction sector fell 17,200 or 20.4% and administrative and support, waste management and remediation services declined 11,000 or 19.9%.

Statistics Canada says no sector of the economy reported a statistically significant increase in its number of unfilled positions, although vacancies remained near record levels in healthcare and social assistance.

There were 1.2 unemployed people for every job vacancy across Canada in October, according to Statistics Canada.