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Canadians Are Driving Less As Gas Prices Remain Elevated

A new survey has found that Canadians are driving less as inflation, and in particular gasoline prices, remain elevated across the country.

A poll by RATESDOTCA found that many Canadians are driving less and asking to continue working from home to reduce their transportation costs.

The survey asked 1,512 Canadians about their current driving habits. It found that 48% have made some cost-saving changes to their transportation plans due to high gasoline prices.

A total of 35% of respondents said they were making an effort to drive less and avoid unnecessary trips. Another 6% said they have put off unnecessary vehicle repairs to save money.

Inflation remains above the Bank of Canada’s 2% target at an annual rate of 6.3%, down from a 30-year high of 8.1% seen last summer.

The average price of gasoline at the pumps across Canada is currently $1.51 per litre. Gasoline prices have been above $2 a litre in much of the country over the past year.

Other ways Canadians say they are saving money on their work commute include walking or bicycling more, and taking public transit.