Canada Pension Plan Posts 1.9% Return On Investments

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board reported that it earned a net return of 1.9% on its investments during its fiscal third quarter.

The pension plan’s board said the gains came due to a rebound in stocks, while the fund's private asset values remained flat during the quarter.

The Canada Pension Plan’s net assets on December 31, 2022 totalled $536 billion, up 1.3% from $529 billion at the end of the previous quarter.

The board said the increase included $10 billion in net income, minus $3 billion in net outflows from the pension plan.

The fund noted that it typically receives more pension plan contributions than required to pay benefits during the first part of the calendar year, which is then partially offset by increased benefit payments in the year’s second half.

Through nine months of its fiscal year, the Canada Pension Plan posted a net return of negative 2.2%.

The Canada Pension Plan is the country’s public retirement system. All Canadians are eligible to pay into the plan during their working years and collect monthly benefits in retirement