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Canada’s Population Grows By A Record One Million People

For the first time ever, Canada’s population has added more than one million people in a calendar year.

Canada’s population grew by a record 1.05 million people in 2022, bringing the nation’s total population to 39.5 million people, according to Statistics Canada.

Canada registered the fastest population growth among advanced economies and its expansion last year put it on par with many African nations.

Immigration accounted for 95.9% of Canada’s population increase.

If current trends hold, Canada’s population would double in size in the next 26 years, said Statistics Canada.

The record-setting population growth is the result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to add half a million new permanent residents annually.

The federal government in Ottawa has raised its immigration target each year since coming to power, a decision politicians say is necessary to grow the workforce and economy.

Prime Minister Trudeau has characterized his government’s approach to immigration as an “open door policy.”