Blockchain Company Makes A Potentially Industry-Changing Announcement

A San Francisco, California blockchain company just announced the introduction of what it believes to be the industry's first "Price Settlement Guarantee," which allows merchants to always receive deposits equal to the listed price of goods sold without ever being affected by crypto-to-fiat exchange rate fluctuations. RocketFuel Blockchain Inc. (OTCQB:RKFL) saw its shares rally after the company introduced the revolutionary service.

RocketFuel is a development-stage company that is in the process of developing checkout systems based upon blockchain technology and designed to increase speed, security, and ease of use. The company's blockchain based checkout solution is being designed to include a single-click functionality to invoke payment conveyance with integrated consumer shipping address data.

Traders were bullish on the news as shares hit an early session high of $1.55/share (+10.71%) following the announcement. This move could be an indication of things to come as it comes immediately after the stock found support earlier this month.