Canada Post Strikes Could Begin Monday

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has given strike notice to Canada Post that workers could walk off the job as early as next week.

CUPW, which represents 50,000 Canada Post employees, says rotating strikes will begin Monday if agreements aren't reached with the Urban Postal Operations and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers bargaining units.

The union is asking for improved job security, an end to forced overtime, and better health and safety measures.

Just where the rotating strikes would take place have yet to be determined.

The possibility of a work stoppage has hovered over Canada Post since late September after postal workers voted overwhelmingly in late summer in support of a potential walkout to back their contract demands.

Canada Post is the biggest parcel shipping company in the country, having delivered about one million parcels a day during the holiday season in 2017 — an increase of 20% over the same period the year before.