Looking for an Ultra Low Fee ETF Option? Consider this ETF

With management fees perhaps continuing to be the driving force behind the the rise of many exchange traded funds (ETFs) in recent years, the reality remains that ETFs span a wide range of management fees, with some actively managed ETFs seeing management fees not too far off from some of the higher cost ETFs available to investors.

For Canadian investors looking for exposure to a well diversified index ETF with broad exposure to Canadian equities, the iShares S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index (TSX:XIC) is one of the lowest-cost options available currently.

With a rock bottom management fee of 0.05%, investors are able to put large sums of money to work in the Canadian stock market with a negligible cost, obtaining the diversification and growth objectives sought by equities within a broader portfolio.

While valuations remain elevated in most North American indices, having access to an ultra low cost ETF option is one way investors can keep as much money on the table to ride the long standing bull market toward bigger long-term gains.

This ETF holds exposure to a wider range of equities than other ETFs, offering investors exposure to certain securities which are not included in other ETFs designed to limit exposure to volatility, providing a more aggressive approach for equity investors interested in the risk/reward relationship.

Invest wisely, my friends.