European Union Finds 5G Wireless Networks Are Key To Competitiveness

The European Union (E.U.) is going all in on 5G wireless networks.

The E.U. President’s office has issue a draft policy paper that concludes the European trading bloc should become the leading market for deployment of 5G mobile networks globally as the technology is key to enhancing the region’s overall competitiveness.

The changes that 5G brings to mobile networks, devices and applications, "makes it necessary for the E.U. and the member states to pay particular attention to ensuring the cybersecurity of these networks and new services," but "a swift rollout of 5G networks is key for enhancing the competitiveness of the EU and requires a common approach" in an increasingly connected world, states the EU report.

Without naming Chinese telecoms equipment market leader Huawei Technologies, the draft conclusions recommend the promotion of European technological sovereignty and the development of strong security standards and measures for all relevant manufacturers and service providers, across the entire lifecycle of 5G networks.

Finland, which currently holds the rotating E.U. presidency, aims for the paper to be formally adopted at a meeting of E.U. telecommunications ministers this December.