The Yield Growth Corp.

11:38 AM EST - The Yield Growth Corp. : Announced that its Urban Juve Lip Balm with Hemp Oil can now be sold in the European market. Urban Juve’s Responsible Person in Europe, Biorius, has issued a compliance certificate for the product in accordance with EU regulations. Urban Juve’s Lip Balm with Hemp Oil is one of the brand’s top-selling products. The lip balm will be featured in Vogue Beauty Highlights in the October issue of UK Vogue, introducing the product to a new audience of 4.1 million readers. The lip balm will also be included in the gift bag at the ipsy Live event in New York this coming October, which will be well-attended by the beauty industry elite. Urban Juve is now manufacturing 250,000 units of its lip balm, which will be ready in September for sampling, retail sales, and e-commerce. “We are excited about the new design of our Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm and can’t wait to share it with hundreds of thousands of consumers through sampling and sales,” says Penny Green, CEO of Yield Growth and Urban Juve. “Through our engagement with top design agencies in New York, we are now planning a photo shoot and campaign that will showcase the Urban Juve products internationally this fall.” The Yield Growth Corp. shares BOSS:CNX are trading up 1.56 percent at $0.33.