Emerita Resources Corp

10:09 AM EST - Emerita Resources Corp : Announces that the presiding judge of Court No. 3 of Seville, Judge Patricia Fernandez, has issued new indictments for the irregularities committed in the awarding of the Aznalcollar public tender, abiding by the mandate of the Superior Court’s ruling. This is an important development in that this is the initial court that heard the charges and until recently was not fully aligned with the Superior Court’s (Provincial) rulings. Upon final review of the body of evidence, the presiding judge of Court No. 3 has reconsidered the courts position relative to earlier rulings and has increased the number of people charged with crimes as well as added an additional serious charge to be considered during the upcoming trial. Emerita Resources Corp shares V.EMO are trading up $0.16 at $1.51.

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