Lithium South Development Corporation

10:03 AM EST - Lithium South Development Corporation : Announced that Eon Minerals of Miami Florida , through its laboratory located in Salta, Argentina , will be conducting test work to produce battery grade lithium carbonate from a bulk sample of brine to be recovered from the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project (HMN Li Project), Argentina . Conventional process technology, based upon the proven evaporation extraction process of lithium will be utilized in this test phase. The testing will begin with a pre-concentration process of 15 cubic meters of brine in ponds located at the project site. Work will include liming, solid-liquid separation, removal of boron through Solvent Extraction, polishing of the brine, precipitation of primary lithium carbonate, bi-carbonation, polishing of the brine by Ion Exchange, resulting in a targeted-battery grade lithium carbonate product. The process will also produce a lithium chloride solution with a targeted concentration up to 6% wt., which will be shipped to Chemphys Chengdu in China for further refinishing to their customer specifications. Lithium South Development Corporation shares V.LIS are trading up 9 cents at $0.66.

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