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NG Energy International Corp.

09:50 AM EST - NG Energy International Corp. : And CleanEnergy Resources announced the start of drilling at Brujo-1X. Drilling has progressed to a depth of 947 feet and the 13 3/8" well has been cemented at that depth. The well is being drilled to a final depth (TVD) of 7,300 feet in three phases using a 1,500-horsepower hydraulic rig. Several intervals of interest have been identified through geological and geophysical evidences as bright and flat spots associated with gas bearing sands, which are planned to be tested, with the Ciénaga de Oro sandstone reservoir being the primary target in addition to the possibility of discovering gas in the Basal sandstones close to the basement. NG Energy International Corp. shares V.GASX are trading unchanged at $0.80.