Denison Mines Corp.

10:08 AM EST - Denison Mines Corp. : Announced highly successful results from long-term core leach metallurgical testing completed to further support the Feasibility Study ("FS") underway for the Phoenix In-Situ Recovery ("ISR") uranium mining operation proposed for the Company's 95% owned Wheeler River project. To support the establishment of ISR production and recovery curves to be used in the FS, the Company completed a long-term test of a representative intact core sample ("Core 4A") using specialized equipment to replicate the in-situ leaching conditions of the Phoenix deposit.The results from long-term core leach testing of Core 4A are highlighted by the following: Overall recovery of uranium in excess of 97% – demonstrating excellent recovery of uranium from intact high-grade core, without the use of permeability enhancement. Average recovered solution uranium head grade of 18.3 grams per litre ("g/L") – exceeding the assumed 15 g/L uranium head grade being used in FS plant designs. Continuous intact core leach testing over a period of 377 days, with uranium recovery head grades consistently maintained above 5 g/L during the final stages of the production curve and then declining during the ramp-down stage. Denison Mines Corp. shares T.DML are trading up $0.05 at $1.54.

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