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Latest NFT Fusion “Pops” into Art

Reverspective is a unique artwork that employs optical and visual illusions. This company is combining a famous London artist’s unique reverspective artwork and NFTs to create a unique crossover.

The NFT craze continues as Fusion NFT TM Blockchain Company Coinllectibles TM , a fully owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: COSG) will partner with a famous artist to create a unique NFT. partners with London -based artist Patrick Hughes , the creator of reverspective painting will produce an exclusive artwork for the Coinllectibles TM that will be minted into a Fusion NFT TM , creating the unique "Patrick Hughes x Coinllectibles TM" crossover.

Hughes is a much sought after artist and creator of the first reverspective artwork. Reverspective paintings create optical and visual illusions and these extraordinary 3-D paintings play tricks to the audience's mind through the paradox of illusory space and movement, making them believe that a static painting can move on its own accord.

Coinllectibles plans to mint the one of its kind 3-D reverspective painting created by Hughes into a Coinllectibles TM Fusion NFT TM and will secure the ownership titles through advanced blockchain technology and proprietary verification technology,

Shares began the day at $7.00 U.S.