Acterlis Flat on San Jose Contract

Actelis Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASNS) shares barely moved in the first few moments on Monday, as the market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for wide area IoT applications, was chosen by the city of San Jose to modernize and extend a state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

The total budget is estimated at $3 million for a multi-year program.

With autonomous vehicles roaming the streets, machine-vision enabled traffic lights, smart parking management, and other technologies poised to ascend an exponential growth curve, city planners and ITS managers are designing for a landscape that’s rapidly modernizing. Infrastructure technology choices made today will impact municipal outcomes for generations to come. The Actelis hybrid fiber-copper network gives San Jose’s ITS operators the ability to rapidly develop and deploy a fast network for a new world of transportation needs that will be using real time actionable data.

Currently, less than 15% of San Jose’s 965 intersections are fiber enabled. Reaching 100% of locations with fiber may take a long time, and vastly exceed project timeline and budget.

Actelis’ networking solutions enable cyber-hardened, fiber-grade connectivity services over both new fiber as well as existing copper lines to all locations, within hours or days. With Actelis’ solutions, a high-bandwidth, real time, aggregated traffic management and surveillance system becomes an instant reality.

ASNS dropped two cents, or 1.7%, to begin Monday at $1.16.