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PhenomeX Flat as it Trumpets Human Lambda

PhenomeX Inc. (NASDAQ: CELL) noticed its shares were static Thursday. The functional cell biology company announces that GSK will present data on the SpotLight™ Human Lambda reagent for the Beacon® platform at the 16th annual Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells, which is being held in Sitges, Spain from September 24-28. The goal of the PEACe Conference is to continue the tradition of bringing together scientists from academia and industry to share knowledge in the field of recombinant protein expression.

PhenomeX's fluorescent SpotLight reagents, which are non-destructive and certified as animal- component free, allow early productivity and product quality screens to be run in parallel across thousands of clonal populations.

SpotLight™ Human Fc reagent binds to the Fc region of human antibodies; SpotLight Human Kappa reagent binds to the kappa light chain of human antibodies, and Soon-to-be released SpotLight™ Human Lambda reagent binds to the lambda light chain of human antibodies.

As demonstrated by GSK, these reagents can be used individually for screening of monospecific antibodies or in combination to screen bispecific lambda-kappa antibodies.

“PhenomeX” reads Thursday’s news release, “is empowering scientists to leverage the full potential of each cell and drive the next era of functional cell biology that will advance human health. We enable scientists to reveal the most complete insights on cell function and obtain a full view of the behavior of each cell.”

CELL shares dipped 0.02% to 99 cents.