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Disney and Google are Among Today's Hottest Stocks

Watch Mickey Mouse today. Disney (DIS) unveiled a presentation last Tuesday on its Vote Disney website. It argued against activist investor Nelson Peltz’s claims. The firm also plans to merge Star India with Reliance Industries. This joint venture is worth around $8.5 billion. Disney benefits from Reliance investing around $1.4 billion.
To boost its cash flow, Disney quietly hiked theme park prices. A 2025 ticket now costs up to $10 more.

In the technology sector, media coverage of Google AI’s (GOOG) blunder will hurt its brand name value. Google is re-launching Gemini AI. Some users complained about the anti-White bias when the AI creates historical images of people. The firm will face increasing difficulty managing user complaints of bias.

GOOG stock peaked at nearly $155. Its downtrend may accelerate but should find support at around $133 on the 200-day simple moving average.

Watch Warren Buffett

Investors fearful of stock valuations as the market trades will watch Warren Buffett more closely. Berkshire’s (BRK.A) cash on hand is at a record level of $167.6 billion.

The fund may use the cash to buy out an undervalued firm. It may also buy short-term Treasury bonds since they pay the highest interest income at near zero risk. Berkshire might view its stock as undervalued and would buy back shares. Any of those moves will help value investors adjust their portfolio strategy.