Relevium Shares Rally On Joint Development Of New Phyto and Nutraceuticals Product Line for Pets

Shares of Relevium Technologies Inc. (TSX-Venture:RLV) are gapping higher as the company announced the launch of a joint cooperation with Salvenia Nutrition and Biodevas Laboratoires to develop an exclusive brand and product line of nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals targeted to Pet Care owners on a direct to consumer basis.

Based on the company’s press release, these product and market development initiatives are expected to begin in October with the objective of a preliminary launch by the spring of 2018, launching as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Relevium.

Relevium has retained Salvenia Nutrition, a Montreal-based pet and livestock nutrition company, to lead the market research and the product line formulation process, for the company’s new nutraceutical and phytoceutical based products.

This partnership with Salvenia has added benefits as Salvenia Nutrition is the exclusive North American distributor of Biodevas Laboratoires, a leading manufacturer of veterinary Phytoceutical products based in France.

News of the cooperation between Relevium, Salvenia and Biodevas has Relevium shareholders in a buying mood with shares of RLV currently up 6.67% in mid-day trading, and the company honing in on its 52-week high of $0.22