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New Orders and Clients Reported by Lamperd Less Lethal

According to Lamperd Less Lethal (OTCPK:LLLI), 2018 is getting started on the right foot. The Sarnia, Ontario-based company has collected a host of new Canadian customers, with all of them placing orders for Lamperd's advanced less lethal weapons.

Management says that it began in January working with four new police services clients in Canada to supply products and services on an ongoing basis. These clients have ordered Lamperd ammunition and distraction devices, although confidentiality clauses keep the company from disclosing any details about the orders.

Lamperd product lines include more than 300 different types of products, including small and large caliber projectile guns, pepper spray and flash grenades, riot shields and more.

In March, Kodiak Wildlife Products of Canmore, Alberta signed on as a new distributor of Lamperd products. Kodiak's first order of distraction products, which are being sold to the general public, has already been filled. Kodiak informed Lamperd that reception to the products has been positive, including selling out of 12-gauge distraction rounds used in bear control.

Lamperd is working to fill two new orders for the rounds, with expectations of delivery later this month. Kodiak also caters to the police market and Lamperd expects to see orders on that front soon too.

The company is also looking to service the school market with its "Pepper Blast" program, which it touts as a means to disable a shooter without utilizing guns or other means of deadly force should the unfortunate situation arise in a school or a similar environment.

Dr. Ed Bogats, Lamperd's VP of Training, has been certifying new instructors from police agencies on the company's counter-measure to active shooters designed to severely impair the shooter's eyes and respiratory system for up to 10 minutes. Lamperd says it is gearing up for production and distribution of Pepper Blast to schools and other domestic and international facilities.
Investors are moving cautiously, but have edged shares of LLLI ahead by about 1% to 1.3 cents in Monday trading with about two hours left in the day.

With 106.56 million shares outstanding, according to QuoteMedia data, that works out to a market capitalization of just under $1.4 million