Offering Yeoman Support in Fight vs. Diabetes: Decision Diagnostics

The scourge of diabetes is a worldwide one, and supposedly growing all the time, what with a focus away from healthy living creating more cases all the time.

One of the newer-minted heroes in this battle is Los Angeles-based Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTC:DECN), which announced details regarding its new GenUltimate! panacea technology, to be used in the manufacture of its current GenUltimate! glucose test strip, and the GenUltimate! TBG test strip and Precise meter, the company's panacea product designed to achieve a new standard in at-home diabetes testing.

"This technological innovation," read today’s news release, "introduces the unique test strip flexibility to be used in conjunction with the Lifescan OneTouch Ultra meters as well as the new GenUltimate! TBD system.

"Most importantly, however, the new GenUltimate! will now provide the vehicle for the over four million OneTouch users to upgrade their OneTouch Ultra systems directly to GenUltimate TBG."

The news proved music to the ears of small-cap investors, who bid up the stock up four-10ths of a cent, or 21.1%, to 2.3 cents, on volume of 556,000