Why Investors Need to Keep Niantic Inc. On Their Radar

Private company Niantic Inc. has announced a $200 million capital raise from investors recently, remaining in the venture capital game, but indications are the maker of augmented reality mobile games may indeed move to public markets as the company continues to develop its platforms and create value for existing shareholders.

The augmented reality game maker is famous for its development of Pokemon Go, a game which allows players to catch virtual creatures in a simulated environment. The company has worked with key technology players such as Samsung Electronics Co. (OTC:SSNLF) to develop its technology, and expects additional investment from Samsung and other companies as the firm moves into producing games in other popular genres.

The next tech initial public offering (IPO) is always on the horizon, and should conditions improve in the coming quarters, investors may be able to grab a piece of what is turning out to be a very attractive space for those seeking to cash in on the mobile gaming community. Global growth in this sector is expected to drive a significant portion of Niantic's growth in the medium to long term, with the company announcing plans on releasing its popular game in China, a move which would further solidify the company's market position and allow for attractive parallels over time.

The next big thing is always on the horizon, and I would encourage mobile gaming enthusiasts to take a close look at this company, should Niantic decide to go public in the near future.

Invest wisely, my friends.