Alphabet’s AdWords Unit Moves To Downtown Offices In Detroit

Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) plans to move to downtown Detroit have been finalized following the signing of an office-space lease in a new location. According to officials of the Mountain View, California-based tech giant, the new offices will be situated along Little Caesars Arena. The new offices will occupy space measuring 29,000 square feet and will house over 100 employees when the premises become ready for occupation in spring next year.

Currently Google has its offices in the suburbs of Birmingham and the confirmation that it would be moving to downtown Detroit was made last month. Among those who welcomed Google’s announcement was the City Manager of Birmingham, Joe Valentine.

“We wish Google well in its new home in the District Detroit. We look forward to the next enterprising company that wants to be part of our diverse downtown,” said Valentine in a statement.

Ad sales unit

In Ann Arbor, Google has over 400 employees for the AdWords unit which is the main source of revenue and advertising vehicle. Google’s count of employees in the entire state of Michigan is over 600.

The leasing of new office space by Google comes in the wake of the tech giant indicating that it would be releasing a software update aimed at fixing a problem plaguing some of its Pixel 2 devices. On some of these smartphones users hear a buzzing sound that is faint whenever they are making or receiving phone calls. Though a definite date was not given the statement from Google said it would be in the next couple of weeks.

Pixel 2 issues

Already Google had tried to fix the problem by issuing replacement handsets though the problem did not go away. For others the sound was not a buzzing one but rather hissing. Last month some users also reported hearing faint clicking sounds that was related to the near-field communication technology.

These sounds have not been the only problem that the Pixel 2 devices have encountered since they were released as some users have also reported display issues including unresponsiveness.

On Monday shares of Alphabet Inc edged downwards by 0.12% to close the day at $1,034.66.