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New Social Comedy Site Looks to Defeat Planet Earth with Humor

[ACCESSWIRE] Enables You to Turn Any Real Event into Humor, as Soon as it Happens - The NYC Based Start-Up Launched the Platform in Early May, and Has Received Over 150,000 Funny Posts

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2015 /, a website started by young comedians and tech entrepreneurs in San Francisco and New York City, is open to anyone who wants to see the lighter side of reality.

Topics are curated from real news sites, with links to those sites in case you want to get the whole story. From there, funny people - ranging from pro comedians to improv students and stay-at-home moms - create comedic responses within seconds of a story being posted.

"People need an outlet to laugh at the world," said co-founder Preston Gitlin, who came up with the idea at INSEAD, an international MBA program based in France and Singapore. "You turn on the TV and hear about conflict everywhere, and laughter is the healthiest way to deal with it all."

The advanced tech platform allows you to personalize your experience by following funny people while simultaneously seeing the top voted commentary on any given topic. It works like a hybrid between Twitter and Reddit. Comedywire will launch its iOS and Android apps this summer.

"We encourage everybody to try it out," said Paul Schissler, an NYC comic and the website's community manager. "Young writers have landed monologue writing jobs and TV appearances from submitting their top posts."

Pro voters include Joe Toplyn (former head-writer of The Tonight Show), Tom Leopold (Seinfeld) and Jackie Martling (former head-writer The Howard Stern Show). The company is actively recruiting top comedians and looking to partner with larger media companies to help feature top writers from the site.

"When someone is recognized for being funny, we feel like we've achieved something," said Gitlin. "There are a lot of people who have something funny to say. This is a fun way to show off your wit and gain recognition from it."


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SOURCE: Comedywire