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The Financial Operations Management (FOM) Systems Launches Report Management App for Sage 300 Users


VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2015 / Canadian owned The Financial Operations Management (FOM) System has launched its report management app for Sage 300 users.

The FOM system streamlines and improves everyday Sage 300 activities such as financial, operational, budgeting processes, and reporting needs, all in one simplified and intuitive application. Other features include proactive email notifications for important financial events.

Feedback from FOM's existing and beta test clients has been incredibly positive and FOM management know other Sage users are going to love their Sage 300 even more when they discover what The FOM System can do.

"The main reason my clients love using their FOM system is the ease-of-use and control of data," said Mike Tsirogiannis, The FOM's founder, adding that, "The FOM System refines the Sage 300 experience and improves performance in a lot of small ways that make a huge difference at the end of the day."

What The FOM System Does

The core part of a Sage User's daily workflow (i.e.: Printing Reports, Inventory Management, Budgeting, etc.) is quickly accessed in The FOM system, without the need to start up and use a complex ERP financial system, or spend unnecessary resources.

The FOM System is made up of the following major features:

- One source to access multiple company reports (financial and operations)
- Distribution of reports and editing are simple with direct export to Excel and email.
- Budgeting that automatically updates general ledger accounts
- Alerts of important changes to Sage modules, i.e.,: General Ledger and Accounts Payable
- Users permissions and security

Custom Functions and Reports can be added on request. For example, a client needed a function that emailed all customers' invoices and AR Statements with just one-click. It now takes a few minutes to do, where it used to take many hours a day.

Financial reporting can use existing Sage 300 Financial Specifications that were created by Sage's FR report writer program, and allow a user to consolidate multiple companies. It can also produce financial statements of income and expenses with a drill down to the general ledger details that comprise an amount.

Planning inventory replenishment within a purchasing department is made simple with FOM's Inventory Manager Program. You can see exactly what is on hand, what is on order, and what has been sold for the entire year. This allows a company to control costs and maximize its profitability.

The FOM System empowers supervisors, managers, executives, and business owners to perform regular budgeting, operations management, and reporting within an easy to use and streamlined application.

FOM Budgeting function

The FOM System generates a spreadsheet of all GL accounts and shows the actual amounts and the entire applicable budget sets. It also allows the creation of sub-schedules that tracks details of each GL budget amount. This budget system has workflow capability that allows management to approve or reject a user's budget. It's powerful, user friendly, interfaces to Sage 300 and there is no need to purchase another budget software system.

Eight key areas where the FOM system saves money:

1. One-click Installs
2. No extra software
3. No consulting services to install and configure the software
4. No annual subscription OR license fees
5. Create consolidated reports, budgets, and alerts
6. Future upgrades are free
7. Access to free tutorials
8. Using the FOM system could save a company $20k or more.

Pricing & Availability

The FOM System is available as a free 30-Day download starting immediately from the web site The FOM System does not require the Sage 300 Programs to be installed on a workstation.

About The FOM System

Mike Tsirogiannis, Founder of The FOM System and a Sage Certified Consultant, specializing in creating Sage solutions that save Sage 300 clients time and money. The FOM System was created for his own clients, and now he's releasing it for the first time.

For more information and to start your 30-day trial, please visit:


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SOURCE: The Financial Operations Management System