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Remittio Announces Partnership With Banx Capital


LEICESTERSHIRE, UK / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2015 / Leicestershire, UK based Remittio Ltd. has recently announced their partnership with Banx Capital. Remittio will now be operated using Cryptonomex's blockchain technology as well as the Bitshares platform.

Remittio is a multinational payment transfer service that provides secure banking alternatives for spending, accepting, and storing money instantly. Founder Michael Taggart states, "This partnership is something that will benefit both companies, and we could not be more excited to see where the future takes us." The company provides a financial network that offers secure transaction methods, simplified for users with no traditional banking requirements or counterparty risks.

Banx Capital is a crypto currency corporation that has the goal of increasing Bitcoin adoption. The company specializes in trading shares of startup businesses, including its own. Moving into Bitshares technology will provide access to products and services from other businesses instantly, allowing customers to trade with other customers and assets that are all included in the exchange network.

"It's a win-win for all parties involved," explains Michael Taggart. Remitio offers secure transaction methods that will greatly benefit customers globally. This partnership has also helped diversify Banx Capital's oferings in the crypto community. Banx plans to continue its growth in the future. After successfully launching a trading platform and mining contracts, the company plans to add more diverse services to further add to their growth.

The company joined the BitShares network during the early part of summer when 2.0 was launched. In 2014, they began launching their portfolio of crypto currency businesses, and put up their own shares for trade by qualified investors, which became a top ten currency nearly instantly. Banx's currency businesses currently include mining and trading companies, as well as their crypto currency exchange, physical coin company, and various other industries.

Those interested in learning more about Banx Capital can visit the company on their official website. Those interested in Remittio, or more information about the partnership between the two companies can visit them online. Remittio has been invited to present their innovative new product at the upcoming Web Summit in Dublin scheduled for later in the fall.

More information about Cryptonomex's blockchain technology or the BitShares exchange can be found on the Cryptonomex official website.

Contact Remittio:

Michael Taggart
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Remittio Ltd First Floor, 81 Market Street Ashby De La Zouch Leicestershire UK. LE65 1AH

SOURCE: Remittio Ltd.