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84% of Women Feel Safer When Online Dating Using The Grade Dating App's 'Peer Review' Feature


Over 15,000 'Peer Reviews' Submitted Since Launch, 83% of Them Positive

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2016 / The Grade, a mobile dating application released by Snap Interactive, Inc. ("SNAP" or the "Company") (OTCQB: STVI), announced the results of a survey of its users revealing that 84% of women feel safer about meeting a potential match when they can see 'Peer Reviews' before meeting the potential match. The newly launched 'Peer Review' feature, which allows users to provide feedback on other singles, including whether they are in a relationship or misrepresent their profile, gives The Grade users insight into a person's character from a quick glance at their profile. This unique feature further advances The Grade's goals of creating a community of high quality singles, curbing misleading profile details and eliminating the sending of unsolicited, inappropriate photos.

Since 'Peer Review' launched on October 8th, over 15,000 reviews have been given on The Grade, 83% of which are positive. The positive 'Peer Reviews' are likely leading to more matches, as 78% of users are more likely to "like" (swipe right) someone with a good 'Peer Review' grade. On the contrary, 88% of users are more likely to skip a person's profile with a poor 'Peer Review' grade.

President of The Grade, Cliff Lerner, explained the survey results, saying, "For years, women have been looking for a solution to eliminate inappropriate behavior on dating apps, and 'Peer Review' brings The Grade another step closer to creating an ideal dating community. Not only does 'Peer Review' better inform users about finding a quality match, but it creates a safer and more accountable dating environment, which has been our goal from the very beginning."

Lerner continued, "We believe our method of holding users accountable for their online and offline behavior via 'Peer Review' is a true game-changer. By asking a simple 'yes' or 'no' question as to whether the reviewee is a quality user, we're able to incorporate feedback from singles after dates and real-life interactions while avoiding the typical pitfalls of free-form text reviews."

As far as creating a community of high quality singles, 71% of The Grade's users believe the 'Peer Review' feature will help in "weeding out the creeps." Furthermore, one of the top complaints of female mobile daters - receiving unsolicited, inappropriate photos - has finally met its match, as 90% of men who stated that they have previously sent an unsolicited, inappropriate photo, would no longer do so if it could elicit a negative review.

The survey also revealed the two top reasons that would lead to singles giving a negative 'Peer Review.' Lying about one's relationship status and misleading profile information, such as incorrect age and outdated photos, were the primary culprits, as 92% of singles revealed they would give a negative 'Peer Review' for such infractions. Fortunately for singles, The Grade's 'Peer Review' feature enables users to identify the type of infraction leading to a negative review during the review process, and the grading algorithm weights the reasons for the negative review differently depending on the type of infraction.

The Grade is currently free and available to download in the App Store here or by searching "The Grade Dating." More information about The Grade can be found at:

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About The Grade

The Grade, owned by Snap Interactive, Inc. (OTCQB: STVI), is an entertaining, patent-pending, female-friendly mobile dating application that holds users accountable for their behavior by using a proprietary algorithm that assigns letter grades to users ranging from "A+" to "F" based on profile quality, responsiveness, and peer-reviews generated from the opinions received from other users. Users with a grade of "D" or "F" receive a warning and instructions on how to improve their grade, while users who maintain an "F" grade are expelled. Expelled users have the ability to "appeal" the decision by providing compelling reasons why they should be allowed back; however, re-entry is not guaranteed. By expelling low-quality users who receive an "F" grade, The Grade aims to create a community of high-quality users who are desirable, articulate and responsive.

The core concept of The Grade, in bringing accountability to dating, was informed by market research that revealed a deep dissatisfaction amongst singles of current popular mobile dating offerings. A recurring theme, particularly from women using mobile apps, was that they were unhappy with the quantity of low-quality daters and the frequency of inappropriate, hostile, and sexually suggestive messages.

The Grade is owned by Snap Interactive -

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Snap Interactive, Inc. develops, owns and operates dating applications for social networking websites and mobile platforms. The Grade is a patent-pending mobile dating application catering to high-quality singles. SNAP's flagship brand,, is a multi-platform online dating site with a large user database of approximately 30 million users. For more information, please visit

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