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DreamWorks Animation Duo Creates Accessible, Collaborative Whiteboard Software


Limnu Combines the Experience of High-Quality Whiteboard Apps with Real-Time Collaboration in an Easy-To-Use App

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2016 / David (grue) DeBry and David Hart were colleagues at DreamWorks Animation, where they developed an appreciation for visual sharing. They're now applying their software engineering experience to bring high-fidelity whiteboard to teams working and collaborating remotely. Limnu provides communication in business and education. Limnu wants to help people collaborate effectively no matter their circumstances.

According to DeBry and Hart, Limnu's accessibility sets it apart. One of the inspirations for the board's design was a former client who used a wheelchair. They realized that although physical whiteboards were commonplace in the business world, they weren't a practical option for everyone.

DeBry and Hart aimed to make an app that was not only accessible to everyone, but they also wanted it to actually feel like the user was using a whiteboard. "We bring the whiteboard to the user, not the user to the whiteboard," Hart explains. Limnu lets people work together from remote locations, and on all devices, including iPads and other tablets.

According to DeBry, Limnu's strong drawing capabilities make it different from other collaborative options available. "Most collaborative whiteboarding software on the market is geared towards formatted information. They aren't drawing-centric. We've made something that behaves like a real world whiteboard in a meaningful way, no matter how many people are using it at the same time. The thing that makes a real whiteboard so useful and so loved by so many people is it's pure simplicity. Space to draw, marker, and eraser. That's what you get with Limnu, and the only thing you need to do is discuss and work out your ideas with someone." The software, he went on to explain, is a brainstorming tool first and foremost, but one that anyone can use.

Limnu's strategy of making Limnu widely accessible includes integrations with other software applications. The first of these was Slack, but Hart explained that others are now available, or on their way in the near future. "Slack was just the first step in getting Limnu connected to everything else you need to collaborate. Since then, we've added video chat to Limnu via service called, which makes it feel more like you're in the room with the people you're brainstorming with. We've also integrated with Google Drive now."

About Limnu

Limnu is an online whiteboarding app founded by David Hart and David (grue) DeBry in 2015. To learn more about Limnu please visit their website at:


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