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Alcohol with No Side Effects: Introducing the Vapor Sphere


The Vapor Sphere allows for the consumption of alcohol with no resulting hangover

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2016 / Mel Potts is pleased to announce the Vapor Sphere, a glass blown chalice that vapes alcoholic beverages for a quick buzz with none of the debilitating side effects.

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The Vapor Sphere works by slowing heating high-proof alcoholic beverages with a candle that sits at the bottom. In the top portion of the glass, the liquor is heated until fragrant vapors accumulate which are drawn into the lungs through a vape straw.

Studies have shown that alcohol enters the blood stream exponentially faster when absorbed through the lungs, and the body can fully process it within 15-30 minutes of the last hit. That means users can party as hard as they want to, and still drive home the same night.

Traditional consumption of alcohol is through the stomach, which not only delays the buzz, but also takes much longer to leave the body. The resulting hangover is primarily caused by dehydration, which itself is the result of a liver that is working overtime to filter out what are essentially poisonous liquids. Headaches, nausea, and of course extreme calorie gain are the inevitable side effects, and party-goers start the next day with the famous adage: "I'll never drink again."

Vaping alcohol, on the other hand, is a much cleaner experience for the body. It can quickly process the vapors, but since alcohol doesn't lose its potency when vaporized, users can still enjoy the same high. The next morning is started like any other day; the body stays fully hydrated and healthy. It is also ideal for diabetics who sometimes have trouble processing the high levels of sugars and carbs in hard liquor.

The Vapor Sphere resembles a regular glass but with a few unique characteristics. It features a spherical bulb on the top and the glass glows with the light of the candle inside. It's a conversation starter, and with the popularity of Vaping in recent years, Potts is confident it will appeal to a large demographic of drinkers.

In order to mitigate some of the financial burden of brining a product like the Vapor Sphere to market, Potts and his team have taken it to the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. With help from backers, they can purchase raw materials in bulk, and fund a production facility that can manufacture a high quality product that is affordable for the consumer.

About the Vapor Sphere:

The Vapor Sphere is a stylish chalice that vaporizes alcohol for inhalation into the lungs. It gives a smooth and fast buzz that can be processed by the body quickly, and it effectively eradicates much of the negative side effects of traditional alcohol consumption. To learn more, please visit:


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