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CipherLoc Patent's New Stealth Key Encryption Technology


CipherLoc Advances Key Generation Research; Invention Addresses Problems Associated with the Sharing of Cryptographic Keys

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2017 / CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB: CLOK), a leading provider of highly secure data protection technology, today announced a set of innovations that could potentially eliminate the need to share cryptographic keys in certain environments. These inventions are included as part of a patent application filing that was made today ("Blind Key Generator and Exchange").

One of the more difficult problems in cryptography involves the sharing of the encryption keys that are needed to protect information. These encryption keys must be known in advance by both parties attempting to communicate securely with each other to enable a successful encryption/decryption process to be completed. However, the sharing of these encryption keys are vulnerable to a number of potential issues including eavesdropping, disruption, alteration, and valid authentication of the senders & recipients.

CipherLoc's invention solves this problem by enabling a methodology where two parties wishing to communicate securely with each other can create a common shared key autonomously without the need to transmit it across a communication channel. Additionally, because this key is dynamically created when needed, there is no need to store the key which solves another major problem in cryptography which involves attacks on key management systems where keys are statically stored.

Operationally, the invention involves the sender transmitting information to a recipient which can, in turn, be used as an input to a function that will turn the provided input into a completely unique, and highly secure, key. This key, which will be autonomously generated by both the sender and receiver, can then be used to encrypt and decrypt all information being transmitted. Because this shared information does not have any resemblance to the final key, it does not give an attacker a clue as to what the final key will be which means that even if this information were compromised, the underlying data being protected will remain secure.

These innovations are part of an ongoing research effort with commercialization expected to occur in late 2017 or early 2018.

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