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Bridge Protocol To Launch Token Sale Whitelist For ID Management Blockchain


RALEIGH, NC / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2018 / The Hyduchak brothers from The Triangle area in North Carolina are launching Bridge Protocol to solve challenges in identity-related data with blockchain. The whitelist signup for Bridge Protocol token goes live on February 5, 2018.

Stephen Hyduchak, founder of Raleigh, NC-based ProjectICO, is partnering with Andrew Hyduchak on blockchain-supported identity management solutions. Stephen has helped multi-million dollar initial coin offerings (ICOs) such as Elastos ( and Loci (

The Hyduchak brothers have designed a blockchain solution called Bridge Protocol. The identity management system will:

  • Secure users' sensitive information on a private blockchain
  • Classify digital identities on a tier system to ensure users have full control of their sensitive information at all times
  • Empower users to only share data that they want to.

The ID management framework is built on the popular China-based, open-source blockchain called NEO ( The Hyduchak brothers will use the technology to solve global compliance issues such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Bridge Protocol will gain technical assistance from a core team of engineers. Fritz Lehman, an executive at SAS ( is involved in the project. Mr. Lehman is also headquartered in The Triangle area of North Carolina.

"Our experience in the past year helping ICOs has lead us to find business needs and solutions involving blockchain technology," says Stephen Hyduchak. "With help from a leader of one of the largest data analytics firms in the world, Bridge Protocol will bring consumer trust to data and save businesses millions in compliance costs."

The whitelist signup for Bridge Protocol token goes live on February 5, 2018. See YouTube video.

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