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Leading Gold and Silver-Backed Cryptocurrency, BaselBit-AG Publishes White Paper and Moves Into Final ICO Launch Phase


ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2018 / BaselBit AG, a leading gold and silver-backed cryptocurrency platform, announced today the publication of a whitepaper on the merits of its Blockchain system and asset-backed BaselBit cryptocurrency, known as "BB3".

This in-depth report discloses BaselBit AG's platform functions, digital wallet, security, reinvestment of proceeds, token structure, the source of funds, collateralization of currency, the stability of its assets, market analysis and overall competitive edge.

Two precious metals with historical financial stability, .999 pure AG silver and .999 pure AU gold collateralize the BB3 currency. BaselBit AG has created a Distributed Ledger Technology ("DLT") Platform and Exchange that improves customer executions and commerce with a secure vehicle, BB3, having a monetary lien system with secured asset backing of actual gold and silver holdings.

The BaselBit AG whitepaper demonstrates the value of backing an eCoin token with a secure, tangible asset. The price of BB3 is expected to be equal to or greater than the price of gold or silver's respective values. Much of the revenues generated by each BaselBit3 transaction are continually reinvested to buy additional gold and silver, backing more currency as the platform progresses. BaselBit AG has already secured $1 Billion in asset backing with plans for additional security.

The BaselBit model is supported by a proprietary blockchain and corporate controlled mining network, which provides guarantees in both BB3's surety and performance. Additionally, the currency is set up to match the transactional speed and international acceptance of the cryptocurrency leaders: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, who are not asset-backed.

BaselBit AG has launched a commercially branded Gold MasterCard, globally accepted by all MasterCard-friendly merchants and businesses for all BB3 eCoin token holders. BB3 may be paired with a debit card for everyday use, a necessity for many investors for transactional ease, yet, a feature lacking with many investments. In addition to BB3's flexibility as commerce, it's market trading opportunities may prove to be even more valuable.

"This white paper truly demonstrates the business value of having an asset-backed cryptocurrency. We were skeptical of incorporating an alternative currency platform as many are volatile and impractical for our use, but Baselbit3 resolves all of these issues and has many conveniences that are not offered elsewhere. Even gold is not redeemable at the supermarket." -Steve Arey, World Help Initiative, Singapore, COO

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About BaselBit AG:

"BB3" is a secure cryptocurrency backed by tangible gold and silver reserves, used as an effective payment mechanism and credit system globally under MasterCard. BaselBit AG investors holding BB3 eCoin tokens use SSL digital wallets to trade the world's oldest store of value using the world's most cutting-edge blockchain- DLT managed cryptocurrency.

SOURCE: Global Clear Digital Investment Bank & Trust