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Shen Tong Tells Us Why He Decided to Fund Startups


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2019 / Today, we live in an era of science and technology where we are turning fiction into reality. A considerable part of the world's population has a keen interest in working on their original ideas by using upcoming technologies to make life more comfortable on a global scale. Startups and entrepreneurship is a new trend, especially with the youth. One of the major limitations that upcoming entrepreneurs face while shaping their ideas into a product is funding.

There are a few angel investors who genuinely enjoy the startup culture and are continuously looking around for innovative ideas to invest their money. One such angel investor is Shen Tong.

Shen Tong is a top serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. He is the founding member of well-reputed organizations like Food-X and FoodFutureCo. Shen Tong is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in multiple companies which works towards good food and sustainable agriculture. He has been supporting numerous organizations not only with funding but also with advice whenever needed.

In one of his statements, Shen quoted, "We humans have been cultivation crops for over tens of thousands of years because agriculture was the main source of employment. Today with modern practices and advanced machinery, large areas of land are being worked by a few people. Over-farming of land has always been the cause of many environmental effects, which include climate change, land degradation, and deforestation.'' His passion for innovation and his interest in new and impactful ideas has compelled Shen Tong to be a part of the Startup community of the world. Shen Tong has invested in projects like GreenBlender, KitchenBowl, BoosterAgro, Servy and many more.

As an angel investor, Shen Tong believes that any idea or a product which is unique and has a well-planned strategy along with an unmatched execution plan is worthy of taking a chance with. He also believes that the idea or the product must Float at the right time with the right team. According to Mr. Shen scalability of an idea is a significant factor before he invests in the project. Is there a market available for the product and is it viable? Who your competitors are and the business model of the company is mandatory information that Shen Tong seeks before investing in any startup.

Shen Tong believes that one must always keep in mind as to why he/she became an entrepreneur. If your reason to become an entrepreneur is to sustain yourself without being dependent on anyone else, you will for sure get the results you are looking. However, if your only reason to become an entrepreneur is that you like the sound of it and the feel of it, you are going to end up wasting all your time. The most significant aspect of being an entrepreneur is that you focus on your product rather than just going around attending seminars etc. the primary focus of an entrepreneur must be his product and his customers.

Being a visionary, Shen Tong decided to become an investor in startups as he has always been in awe with the idea of contributing in an innovative idea or a project which he feels will result in the betterment of the society overall. Shen Tong believes that to make it big, an investor needs to participate from the bottom of the pyramid. Every large enterprise was a small startup at a certain point in time.

Shen Tong believes that only investing is not enough; instead, an investor must be actively involved in the project to understand the details and dynamics of the startup. If you have an idea which you think is revolutionary and has the capability to change the world for better, Shen Tong is the person you need to connect with. His expertise as an entrepreneur and his explicit track record in working with various startups has made Mr. Shen the best in the business. Shen Tong not only invests money in a project he finds innovative but also pitches in advice and all the support he can to make the project a huge success.

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