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Marlo Richardson Helping People Create Businesses


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Anyone who has ever tried to start a business will know how important mentorship is to the startup process. Realizing the need amongst many aspiring entrepreneurs for guidance and instruction, serial entrepreneur Marlo Richardson has set herself on a mission to help as many people as she can to start their own businesses.

Marlo is the founder of Business Bullish, a website and resource that seeks to train people in the areas of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. She is a dynamic business woman and leader who has successfully launched five thriving businesses. Marlo Richardson is also a keynote speaker and business advisor who shares with local businesses her success stories in hopes that they can replicate her growth.

Growing up, the entrepreneur always knew that she wanted to help other people. Marlo got involved in various charity organizations, law enforcement, and even politics. Early on, she realized that the life she dreamed of did not conform with the nine-to-five corporate box that most people pursue. She dreamed of bigger things for herself, which led to a love for everything about entrepreneurship.

Marlo Richardson has dipped her finger into many different business ventures. She has created business franchises, restaurants, a home health care agency, a real estate investment company, an insurance agency, a retail clothing brand, a travel agency, a security company, a production company, a distribution company, a manufacturing company, and a marketing company. She has successfully launched many brands and learned the ins and outs of launching, operating, and scaling any business venture.

In 2015, Marlo also launched a career in public services. She was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to head up the Contractors' State License Board. The next year she got reappointed to the same role. And then in 2018, Marlo would become the Board Chair by unanimous vote.

Today, Marlo Richardson has taken a more active role in training businessmen and women to create more opportunities and employment for others. The business maven launched Business Bullish, an online brand that would teach people how to grow their wealth, invest, and launch ventures successfully. Her resource features a podcast and a blog, two jam-packed assets loaded with valuable knowledge that any aspiring business owner will benefit from.

Marlo also takes time to speak before many organizations, universities, and corporations. She speaks on topics such as leadership, motivation, work, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The business advisor and speaker regularly accepts bookings to some of the most prestigious institutions and organizations in the country.

Business Bullish comes as a passion project of Marlo, after realizing the lack of resources that help people invest and grow businesses. Moreover, the resource is completely free, as the business guru looks to help as many entrepreneurs as she possibly can. In the future, Marlo hopes to create a strong community and network of business owners who can share insights and ideas to help each other flourish in their respective fields. She hopes to create an avenue where people can share business ideas and get feedback from the Business Bullish community.

Marlo Richardson also started a Business Bullish YouTube channel that she hopes will provide value to entrepreneurs everywhere.

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